With backgrounds in studio arts and business development, I aspire to create work that lives at the boundary of intellect + intuition + utility, creating holistic, brand-driven experiences across media.

I’ve spent the better part of two decades helping launch brands, build businesses, and design digital products. I currently run Neversink, an identity + experience design studio. We work largely with emerging brands, providing a mix of digital product design, brand identity, and strategy that over the past decade has brought more than 50 brands to market, launched more than 80 websites, and has even found its way into several network tv shows.

In Brief I design experiences founded on systems, and systems built around experience, and have a real obsession with the question of responsibility in product, brand, and technological design. Over the past ten years, in addition to exploring those questions in my own branding, I've been consulting and speaking on applied ethics in branding and product development.

Remembrance of things past By the by, I've served on the board of AIGA Seattle; was the first Creative Director of Microsoft's Office of Responsible AI; a consulting design technologist with Amazon Go developing "compositional barcode" systems; played at cryptography for US Naval Intelligence; was many months happily at sea as an oceanographer for NASA of all things; ran (and took residence in) the single best bookstore either of us have ever heard of; helped found with my eventual and decidedly brilliant wife, the beloved Marge Granola, which for six years I design directed and helped bring to rapturous press and national market. It's been a journey.

Sam Schick

Write up an email if you're up here conversation or would like to see a true portfolio; find me at instagram here or here if you're a picture person, at LinkedIn if that's your bag, or at the Good Ship Neversink to see other new work.


  1. Thanks, Mindy Project!
  2. Not just in the Aristotelian, let poetics be-not untruthful sense, or a Conradian mandate that a work aspiring to lay claim in the public space carry its justification in its every pixel and promise, to "render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe", although ... yes, but also in questions of traceability, transparency, and downwind effects.
  3. Namely, chairing the Design for Democracy committee, leading the development of an interactive Voter’s Guide and extensible toolkit; planned a region-wide Civic Service Summit; advised advocacy and community groups across the country on voter education, registration and engagement; and worked with Seattle's Ethics and Elections Commission to design the launch of the Democracy Voucher Program.
  4. Tracing global biogeochemical cycles and meridional overturning circulation with a focus on chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM), working toward the calibration of geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites measuring chlorophyll levels in the Pacific Ocean, and – most importantly – chasing (and securing!) my long-sought certification as an Honorable Shellback.
  5. Massolit, the fourth + final bookstore I've had the honor of managing, I serendipitously chanced upon just days after my own fateful arrival in Kraków, fresh off of a grant for a series of essays on the semiotics of architecture. I went to sleep every night comforted by the sleep sounds of 30,000+ volumes of the best books ever put between covers.
  6. A Sweet Spoonful isn't even the start of her immeasurable talents as a photographer and recipe developer, nor was Whole Grain Mornings the last of the books she has in her. Seriously. She's amazing.
  7. ...and which we sold, in 2017. Long live Marge!
  8. The portrait above was made by the great Tom DesLongchamp.